Skill upgrading for crafts producers in prototyping contemporary souvenirs

New product lines were created as a result of the joint work of various craftsmen in cooperation with the Georgian Heritage Crafts Association, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), and the NGO "Sozialuri Kapitali".

The project ́s goal is to redefine Georgian souvenirs in order to adapt them to contemporary trends, improve their quality and value and as a result of, to make them more attractive for international tourists. The project effectively contributed to increase the income of the craft artists and their small enterprises and the cooperation between them in the middle and long terms. The project aims to set up an initiative that matches simultaneously two approaches and doing so strengths each other: The promotion of Georgian handicrafts and the qualification of former prisoners in order to become professional craft artists.

Within the framework of the project, four workshops were held on a different theme, including the creation of a special New Year's product line and other collections, the design of which combines traditional Georgian motifs and ornamental features with functional groups in demand in the modern market. Prototypes were made using different technologies. Within the framework of the project, participants had the opportunity to improve their skills on technological processes and share their knowledge with other participants. The inclusion of ex-convicts in the project was aimed at promoting their socialization and creating prerequisites for further employment.

Products created by craftsmen, which on the one hand carry the elements of local culture, and on the other hand are in compliance with the requirements of the modern market, are attractive to both tourists and local consumers.

Project partners are: Sozialuri Kapitali and the National Agency for Crime Prevention