Georgian Heritage Crafts Association


Georgian Heritage Craft Association is a membership organization, which acts to safeguard Georgian heritage crafts traditions and works towards a sustainable framework for sector’s development in the future.

Founded in 2015 (NGO), GHCA is as an advocacy body for craft sector in Georgia aiming to overcome the existing challenges through the creation of a networking platform for individuals, craftspeople, organizations and guilds, which care about the loss of traditional crafts skills.

GHCA Aims are:

Coordination and enhancing of networking opportunities between different craft actors;

  • Enhancing sector’s economic potential and raising the competitiveness of Georgian Crafts products;
  • Promotion and raising the status of heritage craft skills with the wider public;
  • Acting towards the creation of enabling environment and communicating the vital importance of the heritage crafts to government;
  • supporting the inclusion of young generation in craft-related education to ensure that the highest standards of heritage skills are passed from one generation to the next;
  • Surveying and analyses of craft sector including academic and applied scientific studies targeting different issues related to the field of crafts;

GHCA has implemented different donor funded (US Embassy Tbilisi, UNESCO, GIZ, USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia, USAID Economic Security Program, Erasmus+, Danish Refugee Council etc) projects and scientific and sectoral studies on Georgian Crafts.

After seven years of its activities Georgian Heritage Crafts Association has 300 members. It connects master craftsman with young crafts makers, designers to work together, provides comprehensive sector studies, consultations, trainings, promotes their work and helps its members with marketing of their products through different thematic fairs (Annual Christmas, Women’s days and Easter Fairs, export supporting activities and the brand shop “EthnoDesign”, which has been founded in 2016 with the idea to have a positive social impact of the crafts maker’s lives.

GHCA supports transformation of artisanal workshops into tourism destinations through the development of crafts services (masterclasses and demonstrations) for visitors, promotional campaigns through the physical and online festivals, creation of Crafts Workshop guidebooks and info tours for tourism agency representatives.

Georgian Heritage Crafters is an Ambassador Organization Michelangelo Foundation  and a member of member of:

- World Crafts Council/Europe;

- Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance (Founder and board Member);

- Georgian Social Enterprise Alliance (Board Member).