Tserovani - Traditional Crafts Center: Wood Carving for Employment of IDP Youth

Georgian Heritage Craft Association presented the opening event of woodcarving workshop of Zaza Gatenashvili in Tserovani refugee settlement. The workshop of IDP master was financed by Children and Youth Development Fund in the framework of EU “Investing in People” project.

Zaza Gatenashvili, IDP woodcarving master lives in the Tserovani refugee Village and teaches traditional craftsmanship to the local young people. The talented artist creates traditional furniture, wooden boxes, household items, and other handicraft wood works. In the framework of the project artists had the possibility to build the workshop and purchase necessary woodcarving equipment for the studio.

Zaza Gatenashvili has around 50 pupils and apprentices in his studio. Before the project started the woodcarving master couldn’t receive more than 25 people in his workshop.
In the frameworks of the project woodcarver has to create new line of products with the support of Georgian Heritage Crafts Association.