Product Development for Craftspeople in Adjara Region

In 2016-2019, the project "Product Development for Craftspeople in Adjara Region" was implemented in the Adjara region, which aimed to develop the products of traditional craftsmen living in Adjara based on ornaments and museum collections typical of the region, create new design products and test the marketplace. About 60 masters living in the Adjara region participated in the project. The selection of craftsmen participating in the project was carried out through a grant competition, and a study visit was held in the museums in the territory of Adjara. (Machakhela Historical-Ethnographic Museum, Gonio-Apsaros Archaeological-Architectural Museum-Reserve, Batumi Archaeological Museum, and Khariton Akhvlediani Museum). During the study visit, the masters got acquainted with the collections preserved in the museum, archeological and ethnographic materials, which became a source of inspiration for the creation of new products. They received experience and specific recommendations for the development of traditional craft products based on museum collections, based on which new design products were created. The products of the masters participating in the project were exhibited at fairs held in various locations in Batumi.