Social Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth Social Integration

The project was being implemented in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Belgium. The overall objective of the project was to contribute to youth unemployment reduction through the sustainable development of the work integration social enterprises (WISE) sector in Georgia and in other Eastern Partnership countries. For this to achieve the project purpose was to build/develop/ improve capacities of targeted youth organizations’ social enterprises so that they become able to improve the attainment of their social objective, be a part of the school to work transition system, and share/exchange experience to other similar organizations in Georgia and the partner countries of the project. The project included the study visited in all partner countries.

The GHCA was responsible for the following activities within the project:

  • Provision of Product and Business Skills development Training for the Youth Social Enterprises of partner countries. The training took place in Tbilisi and Akhaltsikhe (7 days)
  •  Provision of two-day conference “Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Policy” in Tbilisi. The conference topics concerned, but were not limited to such issues as What is the role of social economy, social enterprises, and social entrepreneurship to increase youth employment opportunities and to generate social development? What are the national youth policies and advocacy strategies for developing social entrepreneurship oriented on youth social integration through work? How to support the development of structures and mechanisms to increase the entrepreneurial competencies and transversal skills of young people, particularly of disadvantaged groups? What are networking opportunities and experience sharing in social entrepreneurship and youth-related issues? Study visits in Brussels, Armenia, Ukraine