Gerogian Heritage Crafts Association



Georgian Heritage Crafts Association is a membership organization, which acts to safeguard Georgian heritage crafts traditions and works towards a sustainable framework for sector’s development in the future.

Georgian Heritage Crafts Association aims to overcome the existing challenges through the creation of a networking platform for individuals, craftspeople, organizations and guilds, which care about the loss of traditional crafts skills.




COORDINATION: Coordination and enhancing of networking opportunities between different craft actors.

PROMOTION: Promotion of the heritage craft sector and raising maker’s status among the wider public.

ADVOCACY: Acting towards the creation of enabling environment and communicating the vital importance of heritage crafts to governmental bodies.

MARKETING: Enhancing sector’s eco- nomic potential and raising the competitiveness of Georgian Heritage Crafts products.

EDUCATION: Supporting the inclusion of the young generation in craft-related education to ensure that the highest standards of heritage skills are passed from one generation to the next.

RESEARCH: Survey and analyze craft sector-related issues, including academic and applied scientific studies.

SUPPORT: Supporting heritage crafts through technical assistance and fundraising.