Enhancing Crafts Entrepreneurship in Shida Kartli Region

The project goal was to enhance entrepreneurship skills amongst the Crafts makers in Shida Kartli Region, to improve their living conditions, raise their social status, and promote entrepreneurship as an economic engine for their region. The project implies enhancing craft entrepreneurship through building makers’ capacity in product development and business skills. It stresses training and workshops, sharing international experience, creating new product lines and marketing opportunities, and finally, the development of new tourist services. Boosting of business activities is supposed to draw more attention to crafts, as to the sector with a low-cost investment and high self-employment opportunities, which in turn, is believed to contribute to poverty reduction, empowerment of rural communities, women and young people, IDPs, and people living nearby the conflict zones, etc and thus, promote equal right and the development of a strong democratic society.

The particular project had two main directions:

  • Capacity Building in: - Product Development – was mainly focus on the creation of new designs and functional groups for crafts products (in cooperation with US consultant) - Business skills Development – mainly emphasized other aspects across the value chain from production to distribution and marketing. Tourism Service Development - mainly focused on developing master class offers for the visitors, which is in high demand on the growing tourism market in Georgia, particularly in the Shida Kartli region.
  • Marketing enhancement activities and testing of new product lines – helped to test new products on the market through the arrangement of open, interactive workshops near Historical sites, and temporary fairs (i.e. Christmas fair in Tbilisi, etc), which in turn is the way to encourage innovation through success stories to inspire other producers and especially young generation in the region.